Dave mixing chocolate

LPS Dave is the alias used by a toy reviet7uygv bh
  • ng with her father on a second channel called Lucky Mini Food.
  • On the Lucky Penny Shop's Facebook page it is listed that the owners are David and Jim. It is speculated whether or not David is LPS Dave's actual name.
  • He is good friends with Butch, who helps him in many videos.
  • Kt was told in the "Helping Hand" toy review video that butch brings LPS Dave his morning coffee in a Nesquik mug, except in the aforementioned episode, where the "Helping Hand" did it for him.
  • The hand mentioned was called "Lefty" by Butch, and Butch asked "Why is Lefty here?" implying they used to know each other.
  • LPS Dave's dream job is to work at the Food Network Channel.