Shout-Out Time! LuckyPennyShop Subscriber Thank You Series03:24

Shout-Out Time! LuckyPennyShop Subscriber Thank You Series

A rundown of the Shoutout series

Shout-Outs are a series in the LuckyPennyShop channel where LPS Dave reads your comments submitted on the website


  1. Go to the LuckyPennyShop Website
  2. Click the ShoutOuts Tab
  3. Watch the video (If you are unsure how to do it)
  4. Sign Up with your message.
  5. Go to your email
  6. Click the link that comes up in either your spam or new mail
  7. You have submitted a shout out...

If around 30-40 shoutouts get submitted, Dave will choose a character and use it for the video

Shout Outs Recieved


  • Episode 42 was the first episode with two characters at once...

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