Yeah, I'm seeing so much drama regarding what LPS Dave's face looks like... If it isn't your main concern, when it comes up in a new video, just screenshot it and post it on the gallery...

By the way, we need a lot of pages. Some work will need to be done. We really need one page for every product, not a page for the list of episodes. I also created templates for both characters and videos!

Anyone have ideas for new badge names

Every Badge


  • 1,5,10, 25,50,100,250,500 edits on any article
  • 1,5,10, 25,50,100,250,500 pictures on any article
  • 1,5,10,25,50,100,250 categories on any article
  • 1 blog post
  • 3,10 blog post comments
  • 5,14,30,60,100,200,365 days contributed in a row
  • Joined the wiki
  • Adding to the user page
  • Leaving a message
  • Making 100 edits within an hour of the page's creation
  • 100 edits in a single day
  • The 1000th edit every 1000 edits. 

Possible edit tracks to add

  • Character
  • Product, AKA Video
  • Series
  • (There really isn't a lot to work with when you run a toy review channel's wiki)